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BGS Jam XIII theme was "Wonder".  Is this wonder themed game the player must decipher a riddle that clues them into which door to unlock and enter.  Only one right answer, and wrong answers are just flat out deadly.  Can you guess them all reaching the winners circle without out suffering the humor of twisted fate?


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Got stuck at the last door but it was still fun. :)


Awesome video!  Thanks for checking out Deadly Wonder.  This release was from right at the end of the game jam and I made a few tweaks since the demo for the group that night.  Version 0.2 is available for download. You were so close but missed a key element.  When you press Q to view the page, the menu below it shows you can press V to examine it.  There is additional text provided when pressing V.  Originally each door at each level would go someplace new, but like all game jam games time forced my hand and I didn’t have time to build the additional levels.  My solution was that the two wrong doors on each level go to the same death sequence.  That cut building 7 scenes.   I will say without giving spoilers, the clue with the tools, months, vegetables, and colors,  the missing piece is to hum to yourself the tune from childhood “one of these things is not like the others”. From that you should be able to figure which color door.  But in my twisted sense of humor, getting the wrong door is way more fun!

Heyy, thanks for explaining, I have to go back in now and see the ending. And I agree, getting it wrong is fun, especially on that level where your head blows off. :)